Adele Albums



19 is the debut studio album by Adele with a Blue-eyed soul genre which has a theme of describing a heartbreak and relationship. This has shown her way to become one of the most respected and inspiring international artist.


This Album was released last January 2008, with a soul, pop and R&B genre. I first listened to it in my headphones, I just closed my eyes and sunk into the music. Unbelievable experience! It is the second studio album by the British singer, named after her age during its production. The album was composed after the separation from her significant other. It is classified as an exploration of heartbreak, forgiveness and self-exploration. The album ranked as the Greatest Billboard 200 Album of All Time.


The third studio album by Adele, with a soul, pop and R&B genre. The ablum was named after her sentiments of her life and frame of mind at the age of 25. “Yearning for her old self and nostalgia” and “melancholia about the passage of time” has been the theme of the album. In 2016, it became one of the best selling albums worldwide.